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Need to develop Jewelary Park in different States 

by IP Staff
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The CAIT has written to Minister for Commerce & Industry Piyush Goyal and suggested formation of Jewelary Parks in different cities of several States where Jewelary is being produced for domestic market and also for exports to other Countries. 

The Jewelary sector in India is a very promising and energised sector capable of earning substantial revenue and handsome foreign exchange. Nearly 3 lakh jewellers  in the Country are engaged in Jewelary business out of which around 50 thousand small and big jewellers got Jewelary manufactured by more than 8 lakh small artisans & karigars all over India, it said.

To develop best quality Jewelary for production of world class articles, Jewelary park will enhance global competitiveness & capable to invite foreign investors and shall also widen the scope of employment & entrepreneurship in India, it said.

Such Jewelary park will create an end to end Jewelary manufacturing ecosystem under one umbrella. It will also provide state of the art infrastructure with all ancillary facilities, a skilled workforce and a conducive environment to manufacture quality Jewelary goods, it said. adding that these parks will largely support small manufacturing units & traders to create more job opportunities in the employment intensive Jewelary sector. 

The CAIT further said that manufacturing of Jewelary has seven stage process which include procurement of gold raw material, melting of gold in oven, die cutting as per design, involvement of karigar for polishing, refining of gold and lastly rhodium polish. 

“Generally jewellers outsource manufacturing of Jewelary by small artisans & karigars on contract basis. These end to end facilities can be available in a classified Jewelary Park, the land should be made available by the Government at nominal rates and all facilities of institutional finance, packaging, logistic etc may also be available under one roof in such parks. Beside, Stamping of Hallmark & HUID facilities may also be given by Government or Agencies in same Jewelary park which could work as a viable tool to integrate Jewelary manufacturing under one umbrella,” it added.


It is further suggested that Fir the Jewelary sector, it should be made mandatory that only Government approved Machinery should be used like in China. Under the said policy, the Government should allow Jewelary manufacturing under a cluster to be formed by minimum 50 Jewelary units. This endeavour will empower the cluster to work as a one unit thereby enhancing their purchasing power which will considerably bring down the Jewelary article prices. 


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