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TelioEV aims to strengthen its digital SaaS solution for the complete EV economy

by IP Staff

New Delhi: TelioEV, an Electric vehicle (EV) charging network provider, has been awarded as ‘Best EV Software Developer of the Year’ by the Green Society of India and IES Indian Exhibition Services at the recently held EV India 2022 Expo at India Expo Centre in Greater Noida, Noida.

Gen. Dr. Vijay Kumar Singh – Minister of State for Road Transport, Highways and Civil Aviation, Government of India felicitated the award to Dr. Lalit Singh- Chief Growth Officer- Telio EV, and Mukesh Kumar, CTO TelioEV. TelioEV is awarded as the best software developer in EV Sector for its SaaS based Charging Management System which provides real-time data and insights, and helps the CPO and Fleet Management companies to streamline their EV business and scale up their profitability.

TelioEV is a start-up powered by TelioLabs, a green tech innovation company with a focus on utilizing Technology for Sustainability. EV users are facing various challenges in the growing EV ecosystem that includes unreliable charging station network, Low accessibility & scalability in the existing platform, inadequate hardware & software interoperability, Poor Customer experience and Lack of real-time data-driven insights on Charging Stations.

TelioEV aims to solve these challenges, and provides SAAS solutions for EV charging management. TelioEV’s SAAS solution enables EV Charger manufacturers and Charge point operators to get max ROI on their charging Infrastructure, attract more EV users and manage their EV charger network. Also, TelioEV is working to reduce carbon footprint.

Dr Lalit Singh- Chief Growth Officer- TelioEV expressed his thoughts after receiving the award by stating, “It’s an honor to get recognized for our work in the EV space. We are incredibly proud to get recognized and we look forward to helping stakeholders in EV space to achieve their goals and fulfill TelioeEv’s mission to create a green planet by reducing Carbon footprint and bringing down the temperature.

Mukesh Kumar, CTO TelioEV  “This award is an encouragement for the entire TelioEV team to keep doing better every day, We believe that the TelioEV platform is built for the convenience of EV users. The TelioEV App will be a game-changer in the EV charging space in India”

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