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BJP president J P Nadda accuses opposition of forming ‘protection of dynasties alliance’

by IP Staff

BJP President J P Nadda launched a scathing attack on the opposition parties, alleging that they are uniting to protect their dynastic politics rather than promoting democratic principles. He specifically targeted the Congress-led UPA, characterizing it as the “utpidan, pakshpat, and atyachar” alliance, which translates to oppression, favoritism, and atrocities.

Addressing a rally during the launch of the “Nahi Sahega Rajasthan” campaign, Nadda voiced his concerns about the Congress’ governance in Rajasthan, accusing it of rampant corruption and failing to uphold the welfare of the people. He asserted that the Congress, often referred to as a “party of mother-son-daughter,” focuses more on the interests of the Gandhi family rather than the nation.

Highlighting the importance of distinguishing between the two competing alliances, Nadda emphasized that the NDA government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is dedicated to the principle of “sabka sath, sabka vikas, sabka vishwas, and sabka prayas” (collective efforts for the growth, trust, and development of all).

In contrast, he accused the proposed opposition coalition, referred to by some as the “Patriotic Democratic Alliance,” of being a mere “Protection of Dynasties Alliance,” aiming to preserve familial power dynamics.

Nadda directed attention to the pressing issues faced by Rajasthan, such as crimes against women, communal tensions, and a surge in corruption under the Congress-led government. He urged the people of the state to reject the Congress in the upcoming Assembly polls and vote for the BJP to promote the development and progress of Rajasthan.

During the event, the BJP President also met with the widows of paramilitary jawans who lost their lives in the Pulwama terror attack, expressing support for their grievances and demands.

In addition to Nadda, other prominent BJP leaders, including former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje and state BJP Chief C P Joshi, addressed the rally, emphasizing the urgency of a change in governance to ensure a safer and more prosperous future for Rajasthan.

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