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AAP accuses MCDs to failed in cleaning drain ahead of monsoon

by IP Staff


AAP accused the municipal Corporations of Delhi in failing to clean drainage before monsson. AAP leader and MCD in-charge Durgesh Pathak said that the city is facing the threat of unprecedented waterlogging yet again as BJP-ruled MCD fails to make preparations to de-silt drains in time.

Calling the BJP out for its negligence, AAP Senior Leader and MCD In-charge Durgesh Pathak stated – Monsoon showers are on the verge of hitting Delhi and 95% drains come under BJP-ruled MCD’s purview but they haven’t even started cleaning them yet.

“The BJP talks of bulldozers all day but where are the bulldozers that should be cleaning drains? There’s such a huge shortage of bulldozers that MCD has had to rent out bulldozers to clean drains. By this time, a fleet of bulldozers should have been deployed to clean the drains but the BJP-ruled MCD failed at it too. The BJP-ruled MCD must get all drains smaller than 60-ft cleaned and desilted immediately,” he said.

Pathak said, “Meteorologists claim that the monsoon season in Delhi will begin any time after 5th June, which is a couple of weeks from today. Over the past 15 years, we have all seen how flooded the entire state of Delhi gets during monsoons due to waterlogging, owing to the sheer negligence and misgovernance of the BJP-ruled MCD. Harrowing photographs and visuals depicting the waterlogging situation with entire buses submerging in water are often circulated in the media and on the internet during this time of the year. In fact, we even lost a precious life to the unrelenting rains and poor water logging system last year.”

He continued, “It is 22nd May today, and there isn’t much time left before 5th June floats by, and the monsoons are upon us. Despite a mere 10-15 days remaining, the BJP-ruled MCD has not yet begun the process of cleaning the silt out of drains measuring 60 foot or less, which cover 95% of Delhi’s drainage system. It is important to bring this dismal state of affairs to public notice, of how the BJP-led MCD is failing to fulfil its basic responsibilities. If due process had been followed, the process of cleaning out these drains, which come under the BJP-led MCD, should have been completed by now. But it is appalling to note that the work has not even been started.”

He further added, “An interesting fact of the matter is that over a thousand bulldozers are required for the cleaning of these small-medium sized drains across Delhi. But the previously trifurcated MCDs – South, East, and North – all combined do not possess more than 50 bulldozers. Hence the procedure for cleaning these drains begins with acquiring/renting of the required number of bulldozers about a month in advance, but yet again the BJP-led MCD has not even initiated the process to procure these bulldozers, forget beginning the actual cleaning and silt removal work.



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