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AAP will bring relief from inflation in Himachal if voted to power: Kejriwal

by IP Staff
AAP will bring relief from inflation in Himachal if voted to power: Kejriwal

HIMACHAL PRADESH/ NEW DELHI: Aam Aadmi Party National Convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal virtually addressed the swearing-in ceremony of AAP’s new office bearers in Himachal Pradesh.

Addressing the new office bearers, Shri Arvind Kejriwal said, “Only AAP knows the formula of bringing relief from inflation; bring AAP to power in Himachal, we’ll bring relief from inflation like Delhi in Himachal. In Delhi, we have made everyone’s healthcare treatment, electricity, water and education free, we are also providing free Tirth Yatra and Yoga classes to the people. In the last five to seven years in Delhi, I have arranged employment for 12 lakh children and in the next five years we will provide employment to 20 lakh children.”

“There is inflation in Delhi, but due to the facilities being provided by AAP’s government, people have got some relief from inflation. In Delhi, we have saved money by eradicating corruption and plugging wasteful expenditure; we have not increased any tax, but instead reduced  taxes and gave relief to the public. Today people are very distressed due to inflation, yet those in power imposed GST on food items like curd, lassi, chhachh like the British. If the central government ends corruption and wasteful expenditure like Delhi, then there will be no need to increase GST in the country, instead it will have to be reduced. God has given us everything, the people of India are very intelligent, India should have become the number one country in the last 75 years, why did we lag behind? If you leave the country in the hands of these parties and their leaders, then they will destroy the country like never before; now you have to take the reins in your hands,” he said.

AAP National Convenor and Delhi CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal opened his speech by expressing happiness for support given by the people of Himachal Pradesh which has resulted in the rapid expansion of the party in the State. He said, “We apologise that we want to come to the venue and become a part of the gathering but unfortunately, it could not be possible. We will be around you very soon. Barely a few months have passed and within such a short span of time, we have a huge family in Himachal Pradesh. People find it hard to believe when I tweeted this morning that more than 9000 office bearers, not volunteers but office bearers, are going to take a pledge today. “

The AAP has expanded to such a scale that we have a committee of office bearers for every panchayat. All of them could not be a part of this ceremony in-person because of bad weather and have joined virtually. I want to congratulate each of them. Having such a large number of office bearers in such a short period of time is a reflection of love and faith which people of Himachal Pradesh have on us. They are getting associated with AAP at a massive scale.”

Shri Arvind Kejriwal enlisted the pillars on which the foundations of the AAP stands. He continued, “All the office bearers will take an oath to serve the people of Himachal Pradesh with body, mind and soul. They will pledge to serve the country selflessly. Even if it is required to sacrifice our lives for the country, we will not think twice about it. There are three pillars on which the AAP stands. Firstly, AAP is a party of staunch deshbhakts. Unlike other parties, we won’t spare even our people if they are found doing something wrong. One of my ministers in Delhi tried to indulge in corruption. I received an audio proof and I immediately handed him over to the CBI. A few days ago, a minister in Punjab tried doing the same and Sardar Bhagwant Mann sent him to prison. We have zero tolerance for corruption”. 

AAP National Convenor reprimanded the BJP and Congress for devoting the country of glory which it would have got by now. He added, “Second pillar of the AAP is patriotism or deshbhakti. We can sacrifice our lives for the country. Third pillar is humanity. We have to serve every human being irrespective of the fact that they are rich or poor or to which religion, caste, gender, age they belong. We would not differentiate between individuals in this pursuit even if they belong to BJP or Congress. These three pillars should become part of your conscience. Our country got independence 75 years ago but a lot of nations are ahead of us. Our country is very beautiful and God has blessed us with every resource. Our country is full of intelligent people as well. India should have become the world’s best country by now but we remained behind and could not overtake them.”

He came down heavily on the Central Government for mismanagement of the economy and rubbing salt to the wounds of the people. He asserted, “The reason is the shrewd politics of other parties and if they continue to remain at the helm of affairs, they will take the country even backwards. Now is the time that you take control of leadership in the country. People are looking at AAP with hope because we have delivered such remarkable progress in five years that other parties could not deliver in seventy-five years. Hence, we have to take a pledge to make India the best country in the world with our body, mind and soul. We will not take rest, India will not take rest in this pursuit,”

“When you will go to every doorstep in every village to interact with people, they will share their struggle and anger against inflation. The prices of every commodity are skyrocketing but the Central Government is so apathetic that they have imposed GST over dahi, lassi, buttermilk, jaggery, wheat and rice. They are behaving like the British who used to impose such high taxes on edible commodities,” he said.  

The Delhi CM took pride in sharing the steps taken by his government to help families in withstanding inflation. He said, “We are working tirelessly to provide some relief to the people of Delhi from inflation. We provide excellent education to their children free of cost because of which parents need not worry about this expense. In today’s time, the monthly expense on education is around Rs five thousands.

“We have transformed the government schools to an extent that they need not send their children to private schools. If there are three children in a family, they can save between Rs 12-15 thousand. We provide treatment to people of Delhi free of cost which also include medicines and tests because of which they are saving a lot of money. We are providing 24×7 electricity, and water for free. Women can travel for free in the government buses. We have made arrangements for free pilgrimage and Yoga lessons as well. If someone meets with an accident, the Delhi Government bears the entire expense. This has given them a much needed relief from back-breaking inflation,” he added.

The AAP National Convenor advised the Central Government to conduct a proper diagnosis before implementing any change. He said, “When you go to every doorstep, tell them that we made this possible by eliminating corruption in Delhi and saved a lot of money as a result. Previous governments used to buy products at inflated rates. If something cost Rs 10, the government was unnecessarily spending Rs 100 on the same.”

“We save such ridiculous expenses. We did not hike any tax but instead, we reduced the rates to provide relief to the public. This is possible in the entire country. I am requesting the Central Government to revoke the hike in GST. If they can eliminate corruption and ridiculous expenses like Delhi, I assure you that you need not increase GST but instead, you will reduce the same,” he said. 

Kejriwal emphasised that progress of the country lies in solving the menace of inflation & unemployment and his government is constantly trying to solve both the issues. He said, “When you will interact with people, tell them only AAP has the formula to give relief to the people from inflation. Ask them to bring AAP to power and we will get them relief from inflation. Also, ask them what did other parties give to you?

“Ask BJP-Congress what they give to the people? Request them to give us one chance as they have already given multiple chances to BJP-Congress and the result is in front of you. Unemployment is at an all-time high. Our children are unable to find jobs despite being highly qualified. I have provided jobs to 12 lakh youth in the past 5-7 years and I have taken a pledge to provide jobs to 20 lakh youth in next 5 years,” he said.

“I am preparing a blueprint for the same. Only we know how to provide employment to the youth and no other party has any clue about it. We have the formula to get rid of inflation and unemployment. We have to do positive and dignityful politics. We won’t abuse anyone or spread hate. You will warn the people that if they want violence, riot and corruption, they can vote for other parties”  he added.

AAP National Convenor Kejriwal praised the newly formed Punjab Government for wasting no time in walking the talk. He concluded, “We recently formed a government in Punjab and we have already started doing remarkable work. It is hard to believe that it didn’t even take three months for Sardar Bhagwant Mann to announce that Punjab will get free electricity.

Our opponents used to say that the Punjab Government is running at a loss and it is not possible to give free electricity. We made it possible by vanishing that loss. They have also built mohalla clinics and 75 mohalla clinics will be inaugurated on Independence Day. People of Punjab will start getting free treatment soon. Now, it is the responsibility of every worker to strengthen the foundation and connect with every family. We were to create a new Himachal Pradesh.” 

*We are Deshbhakts, we have committed ourselves to the cause of taking the country forward: Bhagwant Mann*

Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Bhagwant Singh Mann congratulated the office bearers of the organization and said that eight years ago, the Aam Aadmi Party did not even have volunteers in the villages of Punjab.  “Today the Aam Aadmi Party has a government with 92 out of 117 MLAs. 

The workers are the backbone of the party. When you go among the people, some troubles will also come your way. Whoever speaks against the system or talks about fixing the broken system, has to face the heat.  There is a big similarity between Himachal and Punjab.  A large number of youth from Himachal and Punjab are in the army. They protect our freedom at the borders.  We are Deshbhakts, we have committed ourselves to the cause of taking the country forward.”

He added, “AAP National Convenor Kejriwal is today named among the most revolutionary Chief Ministers of the country. He has changed the politics of the whole country.  He had earlier said that we have not to come here to do politics, but to change the whole system of politics. We have 92 MLAs in Punjab, out of which 82 have become MLAs for the first time.  There are many MLAs in the age group of 25 to 35. 

Only the Aam Aadmi Party gives such an opportunity. In other parties, the turn of the common man does not come even in decades. They run on a family culture.  These parties have made a system where the common people exist only to face laathis and raise slogans.

The Aam Aadmi Party brings the common people into the mainstream.  I am an example of this system itself.  I never thought that one day I will become the Chief Minister of Punjab but today here I am.  There is no boss culture in the Aam Aadmi Party, which is the biggest reason for its growth.”

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