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BJP-ruled MCD’s mayors spends Rs 270 crores on personal luxuries in 5 years: AAP

by IP Staff
BJP-ruled MCD’s mayors spends Rs 270 crores on personal luxuries in 5 years: AAP

NEW DELHI: Despite driving Delhi into doom, BJP-ruled MCD’s Mayors have been living a life of luxury on taxpayer’s money. These mayors have spent Rs 270 crores on personal luxuries in 5 years. AAP MLA and MCD in-charge Durgesh Pathak said, “MCD has no funds to pay salaries to employees but Mayors didn’t hesitate once in splurging Rs 270 crores on themselves. Even despite these senseless spendings the MCD employees could have very well been paid their salaries. Certain that Delhiites will take revenge by making BJP leaders forfeit their deposits in MCD polls.”

Durgesh Pathak said, “For the past few years, we have been continuously fed with the same narrative when the BJP-ruled MCD is asked a question regarding the fact that teachers, doctors, gardeners, janitors are not being paid their salaries or regarding the dilapidated state of and poor service being provided in schools and hospitals run by the MCD that they don’t have any funds. The reality is that it is a BJP propaganda which has been run for several years.

“I have an information to share with the people of Delhi that the BJP shed crocodile tears on the issue to cover its incompetency and corruption while the reality is that their Mayors have spent Rs 270 crores in the past five years to life a luxurious life on taxpayers’ money,” he said.

Shri Durgesh Pathak added, “This includes the cars they use, the cuisines they eat, food of their dogs, entertainment arrangements in their house and what all facilities they will get. This cost Rs 270 crores to the exchequer in the past five years. I want to convey this reality to the janitors who have been unpaid for several months as MCD finds it very hard to pay honest employees on time. Doctors of Indu Rao Hospital and other MCD-run hospitals had to resort to hunger strike at Jantar Mantar every two months. They humiliate teachers and librarians every day. Even the poor beldaar and gardeners who take care of the maintenance of MCD parks are not paid. But the BJP Mayors have bought a car for every member of the family, be it their wife or children and for every purpose, be it shopping or going for a trip.”

“This is a textbook example of moral bankruptcy and corruption in the system run by BJP and its mayors. There was a time when the country had leaders like Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri, who even gave space inside the lawns of his house for agriculture so that the countrymen could benefit. Now, we have billionaires mayors who could have given up their entire salaries or any other privilege and they could have paid salaries of all the employees for several months with this Rs 270 crores. But instead, they wasted this money to have a luxurious life,” he asserted.

Pathak concluded, “They have hit a rock bottom in moral and ethical politics. It is an ethical wrong of the worst kind. Their corruption and apathy has crossed all the limits. I am requesting the people of Delhi to bring all of them to justice when you go to cast a vote in the next election. We have to not only ensure that they are thrown out of power, but also ensure that they are even unable to save their security deposits. This will send a strong message to the country that whosoever will indulge in political, economic, social and moral corruption, they will not be spared by the public.”

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