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CM Arvind Kejriwal announces ‘Har Haath Tiranga’ initiative, Delhi govt to install 500 flags in Delhi

by IP Staff

NEW DELHI: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced the ‘Har Haath Tiranga’ initiative on Saturday. Under this initiative, the Delhi Government will ensure that every Delhiite has a Tiranga in their hand.

This development came to the fore as CM Arvind Kejriwal felicitated the Tiranga Samman Samitis of Delhi at an event organised at the Thyagraj Stadium. The Delhi Government has formed these volunteers-based committees to look after all the Tirangas that are being installed in the state.

The CM also called on the citizens to work for the greater good while saying that when all 130 crores Indians think about the development of the nation, poverty will be eradicated and India will progress like never before. He stated, “Delhi Government is installing 500 Tirangas in the state to ensure there’s always a tricolour in your sight when you step out of the house. There’s nothing more glorious than the Tiranga that instills unmatched Deshbhakti in one’s soul.

The committees formed to look after the Tirangas will ensure that it complies with the flag code and protocols; if it gets dirty or torn, they will get it fixed immediately. Tiranga is not just a cloth and a pole, but a manifestation of the Bharat Mata. I suggest that all Samman Samitis should meet every Sunday at 10 AM and salute the Tiranga while singing the national anthem.

All the committees should enroll one thousand young volunteers for Bharat Mata; I will have dinner with every committee that enrolls one thousand volunteers. All these volunteers will not belong to AAP, BJP or Congress; they will be volunteers of Bharat Mata.

Every committee should ensure that no one sleeps hungry in their area and everyone gets good education and healthcare. Committees should work towards helping the homeless reach night shelters and make Safai Karamcharis feel honoured. “I want to see the children begging at traffic lights become engineers and doctors. If 500 committees prepare one thousand volunteers then 5 lakh youths will be there to take Delhi forward on the path of progress. Petty politics has ruined this country; we don’t care for such politicians and their politics, we have to work for India,” he said.

Sisodia said, “375 ‘Tiranga Samman Samitis’ have been formed for the upkeep of the tricolors, in the coming time their number will be increased to 500. These Committees will report all issues to PWD immediately, so that there’s no harm to the glory of the mighty Tiranga.”

Kejriwal interacted with the Tiranga Samman Samitis at an event held at the Thyagraj Stadium today. He also presented certificates to them on the occasion recognising their work and credence. The ceremony was held in presence of Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, senior officials of the government and thousands of volunteers who’ve stepped up for the cause.

On the occasion, the committee members were also informed of the Flag Code of India and the protocols they are bound to follow. These committees will act as a team of volunteers who will help the government monitor the sites and immediately bring any issues to the notice of the concerned officers.

The responsibilities of each ‘Tiranga Samman Samiti’ will include : Ensuring that the flag, flag mast, motor and light fixtures are in working condition, clean and well maintained and that the surroundings are kept neat and free of debris and obstructions. Each committee shall assemble weekly at the flag site and pay salute to the national flag by playing the national anthem. One volunteer shall act as coordinator for each such committee and will share a weekly activity report with the officials.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said, “The mighty Tiranga is a symbol of this country’s pride, its glory and its success. The Tiranga is what we live for every single day and what we swear to die for if need be. In simple terms, the Tiranga is our ‘aan-baan-shaan’ & ‘jaan’. Every time we look at the Tiranga, it brings about a sense of Deshbhakti. A sense of gratitude towards those who gave away everything for the sake of our independence. It reminds us of Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh, Shaheed Rajguru, Shaheed Sukhdev. It signifies the values that Babasaheb Ambedkar gave us.

 “Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel and countless other Indians fought day and night for this Tiranga to fly high. Every thread of this Tiranga stands for every drop of blood that has been shed by our forefathers for our freedom. In the last 75 years of independence, our country achieved great successes but also left scope for improvement. Anyhow, one can’t take away the huge landmark that this is,” he said.

He continued, “To mark this occasion the Delhi Government decided to instill the sense of Deshbhakti in the day to day lives of the Delhiites. We’ve seen how with modern lifestyle, people’s commitment towards the country takes a backseat. We resolved to overcome this challenge by putting up Tirangas all over Delhi. The idea behind our project is that whenever you step out of your home, you’d see a Tiranga every 5 minutes that signifies Bharat Mata.

“About 400 flagpoles have been installed by now, with 200 Tirangas flying high in glory. By 15th August, Delhi will have 500 Tirangas all over the state. Even though we’re at the halfway mark of this project, whoever comes to Delhi always says that Delhi has been adorned with a Tiranga in every direction you see. Delhi’s the capital of this country but I say, from now on, Delhi will be known as the Tiranga capital,” he added.

He added, “I’m pleased to share that the Delhi Government is announcing the formation of Tiranga Samman Samitis today. Under this initiative, we have made five member committees for every Tiranga that has been put up. These committees will ensure that the Tirangas are complying with the flag code at all points of time and there’s no infringement with the pride and respect of the Tiranga. They’ll keep a check on the condition of the flags, if there’s any damage to the flag, they will immediately report it to the concerned officials and get it fixed. Beyond this, these committees will gather the locals every Sunday at the site of the flag at 10 am and sing the national anthem in respect of the Tiranga.”

The CM further said, “I think there’s not a single Indian whose chest doesn’t swell up with pride when we see our armymen hoist the Tiranga at Siachen after a conflict. I have two proposals for the Tiranga Samman Samitis to take up. First, don’t consider the Tiranga an object when you work. It represents the idea of India. It represents the glory of the Bharat Mata. So I recommend that the true service in the spirit of the Tiranga would be to take its message to every household in your locality. I appeal to every Samiti to enroll 1,000 young volunteers in your locality.

“We will ensure that even those who’ve been compelled to beg end up becoming doctors and engineers. Fifth, ensure that the sanitation and cleanliness of your locality is of the highest standards. Governments will do as much as they can but we all must take up responsibility. Sit down with Safai Karamcharis, understand their problems, felicitate them, and support their families. Our Safai Karamcharis are the strongest pillars of our society, they just need respect, they won’t fail you,” he said.

He continued, “Just 5 of you will not be able to achieve this work alone, so if you gather 1000 volunteers for each Tiranga Samiti – then 5 lac of Delhi’s young people will prepare to lead Delhi forward. In the off chance that another pandemic like COVID-19 strikes in the future, then we can imagine the kind of contribution all these volunteers can make to keep us safe. They will be able to achieve anything they set their mind to and tackle even the most terrifying epidemics.

“These volunteers will not belong to any political party – they will not be biased towards AAP or BJP or Congress. They will be the country’s volunteers – Bharat Mata’s volunteers. So we must not have reservations about interacting with these volunteers due to our party ties. If all 130 crore Indians begin to strictly think about the welfare and progress of the nation, casting their differences aside, we will attain an unparalleled level of glory. We have to create an environment where such ideas thrive, and where we all come together to work towards the collective development of our nation,” he said.

He concluded, “Petty politics has completely destroyed our nation and its unity. Let the politicians keep their politics; we want nothing to do with it. I always say that I do not know how to practise such disgraceful politics. When you step out in your area to work, take everyone along irrespective of their caste, religion, or their economic background.”

“We have installed 500 Tirangas so far. Whenever one travels from home to work, they spot at least 2-3 of these on their way. Our next mission is to have each person wave the Tiranga in their hands. Very soon, the Delhi Government will launch a campaign called ‘Har Haath Tiranga’. Our aim is to encourage everyone to think about what they can do for the nation 24×7. And hence, when all 130 crores of us think about the development of the nation, everything will fall into place – poverty will be eradicated, India will progress like never before,” he said.

Sisodia said, “Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal has instructed us that when the country enters the 75th year of independence, 500 tricolors should be proudly hoisted at different places in Delhi. Whenever a person comes out of his house in Delhi, he should be able to see a tricolor high in the sky within a radius of 1-2 km of his residence.

So that they always remember that their existence is due to this tricolor. And that they should work towards protecting the dignity of the tricolor. On January 26, on the instructions of the Chief Minister, we hoisted 115 feet high tricolors at 75 places in Delhi and by August 15, the 500th tricolor will be hoisted in Delhi.”

The Deputy Chief Minister added, “it is our responsibility to ensure that the pride of tricolor remains protected. 375 ‘Tiranga Samman Samitis’ have been constituted under the direction of the Chief Minister to take care of the maintenance of the tricolor that are being raised by Delhi government at different places. In the coming time, the number of committees will be increased to 500 and each committee will have 5 volunteer members. We should express our gratitude to those patriots who, without worrying about their lives, their families, got freedom for the country and gave us the right to hoist the tricolor.”

Addressing the Samitis, Sisodia said, “now it is the responsibility of every samiti to take care of the tricolor in their area and if any issue related to its maintenance of flag arises, they must report to PWD actively. Along with this, every samiti should organize patriotic programs at these places where tricolors are being hoisted, on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis according to their convenience.”

To celebrate the 75th year of India’s independence, the Delhi government had announced plans to install 500 high mast national flags across Delhi. Of these, 75 flags were inaugurated by Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal on January 27 at prominent places across the state. 

So far, 325 flag posts have been put up across the city, out of which flags have been put up at over 187 sites.  Since the tricolor signifies national importance, it needs to be carefully maintained and given the highest respect. 

Despite the continuous efforts of PWD engineers, some flags are sometimes found in poor condition.  Because each PWD officer has many projects to supervise it is not easy to constantly maintain every flag every day for them.  So, to help them, a ‘Tiranga Samman Samiti’ has been formed for each flag, with a team of volunteers who will help the PWD to monitor the sites.  Any issue related to these will be brought to the notice of AE/JE immediately.

The work of installing 500 flags in Delhi will be completed by August 15.  These flags are being put up at prominent places of Delhi to make Delhiites feel proud of their country. The national flag represents the hopes and aspirations of the people of the country.  It is a symbol of our pride. 

Countless Indians have sacrificed their lives over the years to hoist the tricolor in its full glory.  It is a matter of great pride for the citizens of Delhi to have so many national flags all over Delhi.  It also means that we have a huge responsibility.  All citizens have to collectively ensure that our tricolors always remain in perfect condition and as per the guidelines laid down by the Flag Code of India. 

In this regard, the Delhi Government has appealed to the residents of Delhi for their cooperation To ensure the honor and grandeur of the beloved tricolor, the government has formed ‘Tiranga Samman Samiti’ to seek formal cooperation of the citizens.

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