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NITI Aayog launches E-AMRIT initiative initiatives to boost electric mobility & promote battery reuse

by IP Staff
NITI Aayog launches E-AMRIT initiative initiatives to boost electric mobility & promote battery reuse

NEW DELHI: NITI Aayog launched two significant initiatives — E-AMRIT (Accelerated e-Mobility Revolution for India’s Transportation) mobile application to raise awareness on electric mobility and the Report on Advanced Chemistry Cell Battery Reuse and Recycling Market in India.

These are launched by COP 26 President Rt Hon’ble Alok Sharma, Hon’ble Vice Chairman of NITI Aayog Mr Suman Bery, and CEO of NITI Aayog Mr Parameswaran Iyer.

India is among 42 leaders to back and sign up to the UK’s Glasgow Breakthroughs, launched at the COP26 climate summit. India is also a co-convener of the Glasgow Breakthrough on Road Transport, together with the UK and the US.

The Breakthrough on Road Transport aims to make ZEVs – including 2&3-wheelers, cars, vans and Heavy-Duty Vehicles – the new normal by making them affordable, accessible and sustainable in all regions by 2030.

To bolster this low carbon infrastructure, NITI Aayog has been collaborating with the UK Government in the areas of e-vehicles, charging infrastructure and battery storage.

Speaking during the launch, COP26 President highlighted: “India is the fifth largest and fastest growing vehicle market in the world, providing massive potential for electric vehicle uptake. The shift to Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs) is well underway and accelerating, creating 100,000s of new e-mobility jobs, driving down technology costs, ensuring the air we breathe is cleaner and reducing our reliance on imported fuels.

While launching the UK-NITI Aayog collaborative initiatives on electric mobility, Alok Sharma said “These initiatives demonstrate the sustained value of UK-India collaboration not only on electric vehicles infrastructure, but on taking action to tackle climate change as a whole. I look forward to continuing our partnership into the future.”

Vice Chairman, NITI Aayog, addressing the delegation noted that “electrification of the transport system is the key driver of India’s transformational mobility paradigm. Catalysing this green transition will require a multi-fold increase in public as well as private capital flows to build India’s new green infrastructure.”

During the launch of the EV initiatives, CEO NITI Aayog highlighted that rapid development of the EV ecosystem, increased participation from the industry, international collaboration and supportive government policies, will bolster India’s EV adoption to grow exponentially over the next decade.

The e-AMRIT app offers users key information like engagement tools that enable them to assess benefits of electric vehicles, determine savings and get all the information on developments in the Indian electric vehicle market and industry at their fingertips. The mobile app, which will be available on Google Playstore in android version today, is a follow-up to the e-AMRIT (www.e-amrit.niti.gov.in).

The report on “Advanced Chemistry Cell Battery Reuse and Recycling Market in India” supported by the UK’s Green Growth Fund Technical Cooperation Facility, is aimed at promoting battery recycling of current and evolving battery technologies, and the battery supply chain as uptake of electric vehicles increase in India. The report highlights the crucial role of energy storage in accomplishing India’s COP26 goals.

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