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Will the BJP bulldoze the illegally built homes and offices of its own leaders? Saurabh Bhardwaj

by IP Staff



AAP Chief Spokesperson and MLA Saurabh Bhardwaj slammed the BJP and asked when will the BJP bulldoze the illegally built homes and offices of its own leaders like Ramesh Bidhuri, Bipin Bihari, Raja Iqbal Singh, Mukesh Suryan, Anil Jain, Meenakshi Lekhi, Maninder Singh Sirsa along with countless other BJP leaders have built encroachments and unauthorised constructions all over Delhi.

AAP Chief Spokesperson and MLA Saurabh Bhardwaj said, “The BJP in Delhi has been terrorising the poor and middle class population of the state. The BJP-led MCD councillors are engaged in some kind of a bulldozing competition to tear down homes and shops that belong to these innocent Delhi residents. Every other day, they are found in a new colony with a new building they wish to demolish.

“In the eyes of the BJP leaders and councillors, every person living in Delhi is an encroacher, living or running their business out of an unauthorised establishment; everyone is a criminal according to them, while they themselves are pure as saints. Today, this hypocrisy of the BJP will be exposed for the world to see. We have photographic evidence of residences of senior BJP leaders and councillors in Delhi, which clearly shows encroachment, illegal occupation of government land, and unauthorised constructions. We henceforth demand an answer from the Central leadership of the BJP, since an official notification has been issued bringing the MCD under the Central Government’s jurisdiction – to tell us when they plan to run these bulldozers over their own leaders’ homes; the BJP should plan out a schedule for this special demolition drive for its own leaders and councillors who are living in encroached areas, in illegally built homes,” he said.


Exposing several senior BJP leaders for their shameless encroachment, he added, “We are releasing the first list of such leaders and the details of their unauthorised residential buildings, along with photographs. Other lists which we have received from local Delhiites will be shared in future, and we urge everyone to continue sending us proof of BJP’s shameless hypocrisy.

The first name in the list is Former East MCD Mayor Bipin Bihari, who has constructed stairs over government land, which is entirely unauthorised, and this structure should be demolished at the earliest. Moreover, he has illegally amalgamated two houses in Pandav Nagar, Mayur Vihar Phase-1. Next, we have another EDMC Ex Mayor Nirmal Jain who has built a ‘Pravesh Dvar’ or entry gates, which is an encroachment upon government-owned land. Third, BJP MLA from Vishwas Nagar Om Prakash Sharma who has illegally occupied government land to carve out a parking space, and marked it with two benches on one end, and a name plate/board on the other.

Fourth is Ravinder Gupta, who was the mayor of North MCD has constructed an approximately 7-feet long ramp along with a garden in front of his flat – all of which amounts to clear encroachment. Next name in the list is Raja Iqbal, who is the sitting mayor of North MCD; the ramp and stairs built outside his house are also unauthorised constructions.”

Elaborating on further details of other BJP leaders, Shri Saurabh Bhardwaj added, “Rajya Sabha MP Anil Jain lives in Sainik Farms in Anupam Gardens which is an unauthorised colony in itself, and no form of construction is permitted in the area.

Former MLA and BJP Spokesperson Vijay Jolly also resides in Anupam Gardens, in another illegally constructed residence. Khail Bihari Goswami, the NDMC’s Leader of the House leader, has extended his DDA flat and built a full-fledged bungalow. Jogi Ram Jain, the chairman of the Standing Committee, has constructed a ramp on government property.

South MCD Mayor Mukesh Suryan, the same man who has been ordering demolitions of poor people’s properties, has built a house with basement in an unauthorised colony through illegal construction. He must prove the legality of his property and whether these constructions have been authorised after approval of a building plan in the MCD. Next is Ashish Sood, who has created a garden on public land in Janakpuri. Senior BJP leader Manjinder Singh Sirsa’s house in Punjabi Bagh is next on the list, who has illegally constructed a guard room and a ramp outside his bungalow.”

He concluded, “We have exposed 16 senior BJP leaders along with their positions, addresses, and photographic proof of their illegal encroachment. The Aam Aadmi Party demands to know when these unauthorised properties of BJP leaders and councillors will be bulldozed, or are these bulldozers only meant to uproot the lives of poor and middle class people? Action must be taken against all these unauthorised constructions and extensions made by BJP leaders at the earliest.”

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