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BJP offered Rs 20 Cr each to buy 40 MLAs: Kejriwal

BJP toppled the Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh & Goa governments, they’re after the Delhi Government now, they’re setting a dangerous precedent for this country: Delhi CM

by IP Staff
BJP is trying to buy AAP MLAs, AAP alleges

NEW DELHI: AAP National Convenor and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal convened a meeting of the AAP Legislature Party at his residence on Thursday to discuss the BJP’s alleged plot to overthrow the AAP government in Delhi by “manipulating the ED-CBI” and “offering” MLAs enormous amounts of money.

Following the meeting, Kejriwal and all AAP MLAs proceeded to Rajghat, the site of Mahatma Gandhi’s Samadhi, where everyone offered floral tributes to the Mahatma Gandhi. The Chief Minister and all the MLAs took this opportunity to pray and meditate for the country’s peace & progress and as well as protection from the BJP’s Operation Lotus.

Addressing the recent political developments and snubbing the rumours aside, Kejriwal reposed faith in his MLAs. He said, “They’ve kept 800 crores aside to topple Delhi Government; they’re trying to buy 40 MLAs for 20 crore each. The nation wants to know who do these 800 crores belong to? Where have they been stashed? AAP MLAs are not for sale, our government is stable, Delhi’s development will go on regardless of the obstacles.”

Elaborating on the matter, Kejriwal said, “Delhi has put a kattar imaandaar party in power, we’ll sacrifice our lives but won’t betray this nation and its people. They toppled the Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh & Goa governments, they are after the Delhi Government now, they’re setting a dangerous precedent for this country.

“They registered a fraudulent FIR against our Dy CM Manish Sisodia, and sent the CBI behind him; even after a 14 hour long raid, the officers left empty handed. They sent a message to Shri Manish Sisodia offering him the CM post and closure of all cases against him if he causes a split in AAP and joins them. It is my fortune and luck that I’ve been blessed with a confidant and companion like Manish Ji, they gave him an open offer of the CM post, but he kicked their offer away. Now they’re trying to lure our MLAs, offering them 20 crores in cash to side with them and topple the AAP government. They have no clarity or logic behind their allegations; some of them are claiming a 1.5 lac crore scam, some 1100 crore, some 800 crore, some 144 crore and some 1 crore. There’s no scam, this is all rubbish, the real scam is Operation Lotus where they’re offering 20 crores to each MLA. At Rajghat, we prayed for the prevailing situation to get better and sought blessings for the country’s peace and progress,” he said.

AAP National Convenor further said, “We visited Rajghat and offered our tributes to Mahatma Gandhi. We also meditated there for a while and prayed for the betterment of the country’s condition. We also prayed for peace and progress in the country.

“A few days ago, they filed a completely baseless and frivolous FIR against Manish Sisodia. They raided his residence on the basis of that FIR. Raid went on for the entire day and ended after 14 long & strenuous hours. They scanned every part of his residence and did not even spare the mattresses and walls. They could not find any unaccounted cash, jewellery, property papers or any objectionable documents,” he said. 

He said “We were trying to figure out why they picked Shri Manish Sisodia for a fake raid when they clearly know that Sisodia is an honest person and a deshbhakt. He has done remarkable work to give a bright future to the children of the country. We could only find the reality when they sent a message to Shri Manish Sisodia asking him to quit AAP and bring a few MLA with him to cause a rift in the AAP.

He was offered to join their party and together, they will topple the Kejriwal Government and Manish SIsodia will be made the CM of the new government. We will also end all the CBI-ED cases against you.”

He concluded, “I feel that I must have sacred deeds because of which I am fortunate to have a teammate like Manish Sisodia. He refused the post of Chief Minister just like that. The post of Chief Minister is a huge and important position, yet it could not shake the conscience of Sisodia. Now they are behind our MLAs for the past few days.

“They have offered a whopping Rs 20 crores for a single MLAs if they quit AAP and join them after toppling the Kejriwal Government. I am extremely happy to see that not even a single MLA has bowed down. There are talks that they are targeting 40 of our MLAs but I want to assure the people of Delhi that they have elected a kattar imandar government. My MLAs, ministers and I will not hesitate in sacrificing our lives but we will not betray the country and break the trust of the people,” he said” 

 Kejriwal also tweeted, “They have arranged for Rs 800 crore to topple the Delhi Government — Rs 20 crore per MLA and their target is to poach 40 MLAs. The nation wants to know — who gave them 800 crores in cash and where have they kept that money? Not even a single MLA of our party will break apart. Our government is stable. We will continue to work for the progress of Delhi.”

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