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BJP ruled MCD runs bulldozers throughout Naraina without any notice- AAP

by IP Staff


The BJP ruled MCD ran its bulldozers throughout Naraina without any notice today. Those who raised their voice were harassed and their belongings were seized by MCD workers. AAP Senior Leader and MCD in-charge Durgesh Pathak informed that victims broke down while narrating the horror they faced at the behest of BJP. The victims of BJP’s bulldozer politics narrated a rather shocking account of the demolition drives. One of them said that he saw all his life savings be demolished by the BJP-ruled MCD in front of his eyes.

The AAP MCD in-charge stated, “BJP has been running the MCD for the last 2 decades; if these shops were unauthorised, why didn’t they act earlier? How did shops being run for 3-4 decades suddenly become illegal encroachments? AAP stands with the people of Delhi; will do our best to help rebuild the demolished shops. BJP’s gimmick of bulldozer justice is nothing but a way of harassing the underprivileged and demolishing their shops & homes.”

Pathak said, “The BJP’s onslaught against the peace of Delhi does not seem to stop any time soon. BJP leaders are ruthlessly demolishing the homes and shops of countless Delhiites everyday. A similar incident took place in Rajinder Nagar Vidhan Sabha’s Naraina Industrial Area Phase One today where the BJP-ruled MCD’s bulldozers headed towards shops run by innocent residents. These shops were running for the last 35-40 years. Without any notice or summon, the BJP-ruled MCD blindsided by its lust for money and arrogance razed these shops to the ground this morning. When the shopkeepers questioned why they were being made scapegoats like this, they were harassed and assaulted. Their belongings were seized. The BJP people did not even spare cylinders and utensils and hoarded away whatever they took from the establishments of these poor shopkeepers. In barely 15-20 minutes over 3 dozen shops were demolished by the BJP-ruled MCD.”

He added, “The MCD argued that these shops were unauthorised. I have a simple question to ask from BJP and Adesh Gupta. How can shops being run for 3-4 decades be unauthorised? How is it that in the last 2 decades of your rule in the MCD you did not even once flag the encroachments made by these shops?”

The AAP Senior Leader went ahead to present a list of the establishments demolished by the BJP-ruled MCD and said, “For over three-four decades, Mukesh Ji ran a Dhaba, Vinod Ji ran a cycle repair shop, Rajnish Shah ran a vegetable shop, Moolchand Goel ran a tea shop, Dinesh Ji ran a Dhaba, Prince Ji ran a Dhaba, Manoj Kumar ran a cycle repair shop, Lalu Ji ran a tea shop, Rajan Ji ran a bike repair store, Sushila Devi Ji ran a Dhaba, Surendra Ji ran an ironing service, Baijurai Ji ran a Dhaba, Ram Kumar Ji ran a tea-shop, Chandrabhan Ji ran a saloon, Madan Giri Ji ran a Dhaba and Chand Bhai ran a paan store. All these people have given proper electricity and water bills since they started their businesses, yet they faced this ordeal. AAP stands with all the victims. We will stand by your side. CM Arvind Kejriwal is like your son, he will not tolerate this kind of hooliganism in Delhi. I request the BJP-ruled MCD to have mercy and at least return the fruits and vegetables they have seized from these people. If BJP takes out its bulldozers out on the streets again then AAP will make sure it runs over the homes of BJP leaders instead.”

Pathak further encouraged the victims to come ahead and narrate the ordeal they faced, one of them, Surendara Kumae said, “I am a physically handicapped person. I have been running my business for 35-40 years. I can’t possibly start something new in my condition. At around 9AM in the morning, the MCD officials barged into our locality and wreaked havoc all over. They demolished whatever came in their way. They did all this without any information or notice. They did not even give us any time to clear out our belongings.” Another victim, Kameshwar Bharati came forward and said, “There were glass items kept in my shop. I requested the officials to let me clear them out at least but they did not let me. They said if you want to save yourself then run out of here. I saw all my life belongings be demolished in front of my eyes. I had somehow managed to put up a small khoka to earn my bread with my own effort. But today all of that has been reduced to rubble.”

Rajan Kumar, whose bike repair shop was demolished today said, “The bulldozer came out of nowhere and started demolishing my shop. Nobody even asked me to get out of it.” Dhaba owner Sushila Devi said, “I run a small dhaba to feed my family. It helps me look after my children. This morning, I was frying Puris when suddenly a bulldozer hit my shop. All my belongings were demolished in minutes. How will I feed my family now? Who will help me? I am the only earning member of the family and the MCD officials did not even spare my utensils. I don’t know how they will digest the food cooked out of a utensil stolen from a poor woman.” Another victim, Mamata Devi said, “8-10 family members of mine depended on my dhaba’s earnings. The MCD officials did not spare anything. They did not let us take out our belongings. Everything was demolished.” Neelam Devi said, “I had my shop ready to start my day’s business. First the officials destroyed all of that then seized whatever little was left and took it away with them. Then they demolished my whole shop in front of me. I don’t know how long it will take me to stand back on my feet again.”

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