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CM Manish Sisodia visits Cambridge University, discusses ways to implement best school leadership practices in Delhi Government’s schools

by IP Staff


Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister Manish Sisodia met with the Cambridge University faculty on Tuesday to further discuss the ongoing partnership and to explore new ways to strengthen ties.

The meeting was a part of the Deputy Chief Minister’s ongoing visit to the UK for the Education World Forum 2022. Sisodia also discussed the idea of designing a joint certification course between Cambridge University and Delhi Teachers University in the areas of school leadership, curriculum development, and other related fields.

Speaking at the forum, Sisodia said, “It was a pleasure sharing the Delhi Education model with the education ministers and experts from 122 countries at Education World Forum-2022. I am happy to see the growing interest of people to learn from our education model and reforms. Only when nations learn from each other can we build an ideal education system – one that helps students realise their potential and become conscious citizens that the world can be proud of.”

Delving into details about the purpose of his visit to Cambridge University, Sisodia added, “Our ongoing collaboration with the Cambridge University for training principals has helped us create a positive environment in schools and introduce better administrative practices.

Over the past few years, the Kejriwal Government has left no stone unturned in providing first-hand experience of best education practices of the world to its principals and teachers. This global exposure has not only added significantly to the leadership skills of the Heads of Schools as well as teachers, but has also taken the Delhi Government’s Education model to greater heights.

 “We look forward to working with them to further implement the best school leadership practices from the world in our schools. To provide world-class education to children from all socio-economic backgrounds, it is important for our teachers to know the global best practices. In this journey of Delhi’s Education Revolution, Cambridge University has played a crucial role to help turn our vision into a reality,” he said.

The Deputy Chief Minister further said, “The aim of the Arvind Kejriwal-led government is not to guide students to clear the exams but to bring the focus of education back to the development of a happy, socially aware, responsible human being. For this, we are continuously training our teachers for improving their pedagogical skills and relationships with students by sending them to premier institutes across India and abroad. Our principals and teachers have been to international institutes such as the University of Cambridge, educational institutes in Finland and Singapore for professional training.”

Notably, between 2016 to 2021, about 354 officials, principals and educators have visited Cambridge University for training in 12 batches, and the next batch is scheduled to visit Cambridge between 19-28 June 2022. During the course of the training that was developed by Delhi Government with Judge Business School, Cambridge University, Heads of School get to visit local schools, interact with the senior leaders there and observe the teaching methods.

The Deputy Chief Minister also visited Chesterton Community College at Cambridge University, which is one of the schools where Delhi Government’s Head of schools go to understand the leadership challenges as part of their training.

During the meeting with the faculty at Cambridge University, the focus was also laid on innovative assessment practices in schools across the globe.

Sisodia informed the Cambridge faculty about Delhi Government’s groundbreaking Happiness, Deshbhakti, and Entrepreneurship Mindset curricula, which have been introduced in government schools with an aim to improve emotional well-being, experiential learning and encouraging the entrepreneurial mindset.

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