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Delhi govt pledges promote eco- friendly alternatives and bring Delhi freedom from single-use plastic

by IP Staff


Environment Minister Gopal Rai chaired a joint meeting with new start-ups and self-help groups working on single use plastic alternatives and concerned officials at the Delhi Secretariat and discussed on several projects in order to promote more and more alternatives to single use plastic among the general public.

After the meeting, Environment Minister Gopal Rai, while addressing an important press conference held at Delhi Secretariat said, “Under the leadership of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, the Environment Department is taking all necessary steps to combat pollution.


In such a circumstance, single-use plastic contributes significantly to pollution. To reduce the usage of single-use plastics, a public awareness campaign is required. Moving on in this approach, the Delhi Government has begun banning all single-use plastic goods in all Delhi Secretariat offices starting on June 1. However, the government faces two obstacles in eliminating single-use plastic.

In which, first, the influence on people’s income related with the production, supply, and sale of single-use plastics is considered, and second how to increase the reach of alternatives of single-use plastics amongst the general public.”

The Environment Minister informed, “A conference was convened today at the Delhi Secretariat with members of New Start-ups and Self-Help Groups working on different alternatives to Single Use Plastic, as well as officials from the Environment Department, NDMC, DPCC, MCD, Cantonment Board, and others, to discuss the above topics. Ecoware Solutions, IPCA, Bio Track, For Earth Sake, Vandana SHG, Economic Development SHG, and others were among the 17 start-ups and self-help groups that attended the meeting. During the meeting, everyone addressed how to encourage individuals to work on single-use plastics alternatives.

To help take this ahead, the government has agreed to hold a week fair in the month of June where all of these start-ups and self-help groups can display single-use plastics alternatives they have created. In addition, the government will introduce a new green startup policy for those involved in the manufacturing of single-use plastics at this fair, allowing them to enter the market of single-use plastic alternatives and also will provide financial aid to them.”

Rai informed, “About 200 people from 17 start ups and self-help groups working on alternatives to single-use plastics organized an exhibition at the Delhi Secretariat today. In which representatives from different districts of Delhi participated. In this exhibition other single use plastic alternatives like pottery, cloth, bags made of paper and jute, crockery made of biodegradable items were displayed. In addition, things made from recycled plastic such as trays, vases, stands, photo frames etc., compostable products, compostable food packaging materials, home decor items should also be included in this exhibition.”

Rai said, “in order to completely ban single use plastic in Delhi, orders have also been issued to MCD to make a list of shops involved in the sale of single use plastic. In future, a further work project will be prepared by linking them with start-ups working on other alternatives to single use plastics.”

Rai appealed to all the citizens of Delhi to join hands with the government to encourage and promote start-ups/entrepreneurs producing other single use plastic alternatives and to make Delhi a plastic free city for citizens. Encourage them to use the alternatives of SUPs.

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