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ED’s action a ruse to defame Satyendar Jain at the behest of BJP, alleges AAP

by IP Staff
ED’s action nothing but a conspiracy to defame Satyendar Jain at the behest of BJP, alleges AAP

NEW DELHI: The Aam Aadmi Party lashed out at the BJP & its goons once again for running a vicious campaign to defame Shri Satyendar Jain. AAP Senior Leader and Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh criticised the BJP for forcing ED to malign the image of an honest minister like Jain to divert attention from the failures of the Central Government.

He stated, “ED’s action is nothing but a conspiracy to defame Jain at the behest of BJP; ED found nothing at his house, the whole drama will fail very soon. BJP’s puppet agencies have had to bite the dust earlier too and would fail this time too; they raided our CM, Deputy CM, MLAs but returned empty handed every time.

Central agencies being coerced into harassing and defaming innocent people and their families. Looks like ED’s actions are pre-planned conspiracies and ED is running out of BJP’s offices. BJP’s goons are making baseless allegations; Satyendar Jain has been summoned 7 times in 8 years but nothing was ever found against him. BJP’s forcing central agencies into this drama to divert attention from the colossal failures of the Central Government.

Mehul Choksi, Nirav Modi, Vijay Mallya, Lalit Modi & Nitin Sandesra all looted the country and ran away with BJP’s support but the government failed to act against them.”

Sanjay Singh exposed the truth behind BJP’s hate propaganda and said, “The ED has found nothing against Jain. He has been in custody for almost a week. They interrogated him, harassed him in all ways possible but couldn’t find an iota of evidence against him. After failing on all fronts, BJP’s puppet agency raided his residence to harass his family members.

The ED officers camped at his house for almost a day to mentally torment his wife and children. What did they get out of the raid? Not a penny unaccounted for was found on him. Despite a completely failed raid they’ve gone ahead to spread fake news to malign his reputation. There has been a lot of hullabaloo about cash & jewellry being seized, none of which as a matter of fact belongs to him or has been found at his residence.

I would like to humbly advise the illiterate goons of the BJP to go and read the papers for once. I know it is hard for them but they should try using their brains for once. The whole of BJP puts up their collective deficiency of intellect on display with their frivolous accusations.”

He reinforced the party’s support for Jain’s integrity and said, “It seems like the whole gimmick is pre-planned. It feels like the ED is working out of the BJP headquarters. Only Rs 2.79 lacs was found at Shri Satyendar Jain’s house, which too was accounted for. Every penny was earned with honesty so the ED could not seize it.

Why and how does it matter what they found at some random jeweller’s house? Why should Satyendar Jain be made a scapegoat for no crime of his own? I want to remind the BJP that Shri Satyendar Jain is the same person who was applauded by Venkaiah Naidu Ji after he got a Rs 250 crore flyover project done in just Rs 150 crore.

He is the man who gave Delhi a model where Mohalla Clinics could be built in a mere 20 lakh to make healthcare accessible. His work is discussed and adapted all over the world. They’re making absolutely baseless allegations against a man of his pedigree. They found nothing against him in 8 years.

They summoned him repeatedly over the last decade and had nothing to make a case out of. But they had to divert the attention of the masses from the colossal failure that the Central Government is so they arrested him without any cause.”

He heavily criticised the BJP for associating unknown persons with the AAP minister and asked whether people like Nirav Modi could be called PM Modi’s aides as they share their surname.

He said, “How can they associate unknown persons with him like this? Just because the said person is a Jain, they’ll say he’s his aide? Is there any logic to this argument? Does this mean every Modi out there is the brother of PM Modi? Does this make Nirav Modi a brother of PM Modi? PM Modi lovingly calls Mehul Choksi ‘Mehulbhai’ doesn’t this make them associates? Isn’t this why the government fails to act against him?

The PM himself calls him his ‘bhai’ but they won’t go around harping that the PM’s close aide looted Rs 20,000 crore from the country. They won’t say he’s insulting the country from foreign shores because at the end of the day he’s his aide by this logic. Vijay Mallya looted Rs 10,000 crore from India and ran away thanks to the support of the BJP.

Nitin Sandesra looted Rs 6,000 crore and ran away. Another Modi out there, Lalit Modi looted Rs 2,800 crores and now laughs at the country from foreign.”


He further revealed the terrible conviction rate of the ED and said, “The ED & CBI fail to act against all these cheats who looted the country. They refuse to act against Yedurappa and the Vyapam scamsters.

The BJP’s Centre shivers to even look at Rafale’s files. In the last 1,700 raids of the ED only 9 have been convicted. Their conviction rate is 0.4%. This is nothing but a puppet agency being coerced to slander and harass those in opposition.

The CBI was pulled up by the Supreme Court itself for being made a joke of a central agency. Now there’s the ED dancing to the BJP’s tunes. All of this is a conspiracy to slander Satyendar Jain. They’ve done this to our CM, Deputy CM and MLAs in the past. They found nothing then, they’ll find nothing now.”




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