Reforming health financing and strengthening partner coordination in Niger

18 May 2022
As in other countries, COVID-19 has exposed the fragility of Niger’s health system. The country has committed to achieving UHC, prompting the need for reforms, including more sustainable financing for health and better partner alignment and coordination.

In response, SDG3 GAP agencies active in the sustainable financing for health accelerator agreed on the need to develop a functioning coordination mechanism for health development partners. As a result, Gavi, Global Fund, GFF, ILO, UNICEF, World Bank and WHO have strengthened their collaboration with the in-country health development partners group and are now co-financing a new P4H in-country focal point to support and facilitate health financing coordination and action research with government leadership and support. The P4H network comprises a broad mix of international partners working on health financing for UHC and social health protections.

By January 2022, the official “facilitator” responsibility was handed over from Gavi to the P4H focal point, laying the foundation for more joined-up support to the country to achieve its ambitious vision for UHC.

The full version of the case study will be available shortly.

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