Yoga and dance at Place des Nations for the whole family to kick off Walk the Talk

Yoga is back at Walk the Talk in Place des Nations on 22 May 2022, along with dancing and other activities to to promote solidarity and a healthy lifestyle.

Michelle Mayes, Isha Hatha Yoga teacher at Nano Wellbeing, said she was delighted to bring back the family friendly activity.

“Yoga means union, and this year, through Yoga, we will be joyfully exploring how to connect with soil, which is the greatest unifying factor on the planet,” said Michelle. “All of us come from soil. The food which nourishes us comes from soil, as do many of our medicines. Healthy soil is essential for a healthy body and a healthy mind.”

Join Isha Hatha Yoga teachers and Conscious Planet volunteers on 22 May 2002 to learn the Save Soil Jig to kick off Walk the Talk at 8am, join a Yoga and Meditation class at 9.15 am. or stop by their Walk the Talk booth at any time during the event!

Source- WHO

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