Delhi govt to extend its ‘Anti Open Burning’ campaign till 30th June

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NEW DELHI: The Kejriwal Government has decided to extend its Anti Open Burning campaign till 30th June. Today under the chairmanship of Environment Minister Gopal Rai a joint review meeting was held at Delhi Secretariat with concerned departments regarding the Anti Open Burning Campaign.

Officials of DPCC and Environment Department also attended the joint review meeting. During this meeting, orders have been issued to extend the Anti-Open Burning Campaign till June 30th.

The Anti-Open Burning Campaign launched under the Summer Action Plan in Delhi was carried out in two phases, first from April 12th to May 12th and second from May 13th to June 13th. Now in the third phase, instructions have been issued to continue this campaign till June 30th. According to the report of the second phase of the Anti Open Burning Campaign, inspection of 10,794 garbage burning sites has been completed. Along with this, notices & challans have been issued to 4 violators and fines of about Rs 55 thousand have also been collected.

Talking about the review meeting, Environment Minister said, “Today is the last day of the second phase of the Anti-Open Burning Campaign launched under the Summer Action Plan. The report of this second phase has been released by the department today. In view of the cases of open burning in Delhi, instructions have also been issued to extend the anti-open burning campaign to June 30th. According to the report, 10,794 sites have been inspected in the last month, and about 359 times inspections of landfill sites have also been completed. Along with this 4 notices & challan have been issued to people/institutions and fines of Rs 55 thousand have also been collected.”

He said, “The Anti-Open Burning Campaign, which has been taking fast actions to monitor and prevent incidences of open burning in Delhi 24×7, has concluded this inspection with 500 teams from 10 departments deployed at various locations throughout the city. The report has also been sent to the Environment Department on a regular basis. In addition, the MCD has been directed to work on a 9 point action plan to prevent fires at the landfill site.”

-Redressal of 631 complaints out of 674 related to open burning through Green Delhi app

Rai said, “Green Delhi App has also contributed a lot to redress the complaints related to Anti Open Burning. Through this app, in the second phase of an anti-open burning campaign out of 674 complaints, about 631 complaints have been resolved. This app is not only effective in taking quick actions in incidents like Anti open burning in Delhi but also capable of controlling the increasing pollution and safeguarding the health of Delhiites.”

Rai also stated, “So far, the government has been effective in curbing incidences of open burning in Delhi and taking harsh punishment as a result of this campaign. This effort will continue to play a significant part in the improvement of Delhi’s environment and pollution control in the future.”

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