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Kashmiri Pandits living in Delhi meet CM Arvind Kejriwal

by IP Staff


A group of displaced Kashmiri Pandits living in Delhi met Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal at his residence today. The group had come to meet the CM along with Delhi Jal Board Vice-Chairman and MLA Saurabh Bhardwaj. During this meeting, the displaced Kashmiri Pandits said that till now we were made victims of vote bank politics but since the AAP Government came to power they had gained dignity and support. CM Arvind Kejriwal said, “We only know how to run the government. We do not do vote bank politics. All we need is your love and blessings. I understand your concerns. Consider me as your elder brother. I will always stand by the community.” The CM further heard all the demands put

During a meeting with Kejriwal at his residence, displaced Kashmiri Pandits expressed their eagerness to meet with him given the prevailing situation in the country. They stated that their community is very disheartened and concerned as parties are only playing politics in their name. They said that they have been made pawns for votebank politics. Reacting to this, CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal stated, “Consider me as your elder brother. I will always be there for you. The Delhi Government respects your emotions and understands your concerns. Rest be assured, we will solve each and every problem that you have raised . We don’t believe in any kind of votebank politics. We believe in bringing change. Just see how we have made night-shelters all over the city. The people who stay there are no one’s votebank, but they deserve dignity too.  I just want your love, and blessings. This is what keeps us going.”

The Kashmiri Pandits also put their problems in front of the CM upon which he directed officers to redress all their grievances at the earliest. They informed that some shops allotted to them have been shifted near INA. There is a problem with electricity connection, which needs to be resolved soon. The CM directed that if there is no transformer at the site, then the transformer should be installed immediately. Whatever expenditure is needed will be spent by the government. He further said that if compensation of the 17 people whose shops have been shifted has been withheld, then it should also be released at the earliest. The Kashmiri Pandits seemed to be satisfied and overjoyed by the Chief Minister’s prompt action, and they expressed their appreciation to him.

They further handed over a memorandum to the CM, and stated, “We were shifted by the PWD Flyover Division in the INA market. But the newly allotted Kashmiri Migrant Market has not been able to get electricity connections till now. Instead of providing electricity to our 36 shops the power company issued the estimates of unaffordable amounts for the electricity installation and power connection.

As you are aware that we are Kashmiri Migrants and have suffered due to frequent dislocations. It is not possible for the Kashmiri Migrants to pay such a huge amount and get the things done. You are aware of the pathetic condition of Kashmiri migrants. Ever since the AAP Government was formed in Delhi, it has always been of great help to the displaced Pandits of Jammu and Kashmir.

We need cooperation from the government so that the displaced traders of J&K can be pacified too. We were also promised compensation for shifting of shops. Other markets have received compensation per shop. But we have not been given any relief in kind or in cash. We hope that you will personally look into the matter yourself and direct the departments to provide electricity connections to 36 shops with compensation without any delay.”

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