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LG lays foundation of “Baansera”- the city’s first multi purpose Bamboo theme park

With bamboo curtained enclosures, the park will have several amenities like kiosks, huts,watchtower, conference spaces and seats for public use in greenway area. A bamboo cafe is also proposed along with seating under bamboo trees.

by IP Staff

NEW DELHI: To enhance the ecological character of Yamuna floodplains and make it more people friendly by making it attractive as a recreational and cultural venue, the Lt Governor Vinai Kumar Saxena today laid the foundation of ‘Baansera’, the city’s first Bamboo theme park and dedicated it to the people of Delhi.

More than 25,000 special varieties of Bamboo saplings, brought from Assam will be planted here. It will achieve the purpose of augmenting the much needed public spaces in the Capital on one hand, and also ensure that the rich biodiversity of the flood plane is preserved and maintained.

The floodplain and riverbed have often been subjected to encroachments and unauthorized construction, resulting in grave assault to the very existence of Yamuna as a river.

Speaking on the occasion, the Lt Governor said that plantation of Bamboo- Baans on a large scale will help address the problem of Air pollution significantly. Bamboo produces about 30% more Oxygen even as it consumes far less water and enriches the soil, he underlined.

Apart from adding to the Oxygen in the City's atmosphere, Bamboo groves at the periphery will also help contain pollution caused by seasonal dust storms. In addition to this, Bamboo as a source for various economic activities like furniture making, incense sticks etc, will help create employment opportunities and augment incomes in Delhi.

The occasion was also graced by Gautam Gambhir, MP, Naresh Kumar, Chief Secretary Delhi and Manish Kumar Gupta, Vice Chairman DDA.

DDA’s well known Project of Restoration and Rejuvenation of the floodplains of River Yamuna is being carried out as an initiative to enhance the ecological character of the floodplains and to make them accessible to the public at large. This project is being taken to a next level under the ambitious

An area of 10 hectare of the floodplain, South of NH-24 on the western banks is being developed asa theme based multipurpose area using bamboo as a material in biotic and abiotic form. While identifying the site in June this year, the LG had instructed for a 2.5 hectare depression over there, to be developed into a live water body. Works for the same have been completed and the

Water body will be a part of Baansera. This City’s first of its kind initiative has been named Baansera as derived from the Hindi word “Basera” meaning “Abode”.

Elaborating about the project, Shri Saxena informed the entire area has been categorized into two parts: Bamboo recreation primarily in the greenway zone and Bamboo plantation along with other riverine plantations.

“Baansera” will have a unique experience in terms of plantation of different varieties of bamboo plant especially procured for this area. Apart from plantations, the park will have amenities designed in bamboo which is an eco friendly material including kiosks, huts, watchtower and seats for public use in greenway area along kachaa paths.

The bamboo plantation area will have varied varieties of bamboo plants planted in the form of groves and as setum.

The bamboo recreation area in the greenway zone comprises of an Arrival zone- A transitional area that acts as a journey from city’s busy life into the pristine river flood plains with an experiential walk amongst plantation which take you into gathering spaces.

A bamboo café is also proposed along with seating under bamboo trees. Large spaces for congregation have been designed with live bamboo plants forming a curtained enclosure, he said.

In July, 20000 saplings of 15 varieties of Bamboo have been procured from Assam and a nursery is already set-up so that they get adapted to the climatic conditions of Delhi in time for planting in this monsoon season on the site.

Once completely developed, it will be a source of learning & promotion for sustainability and will offer a pristine oasis for the people of Delhi like other project sites at the Yamuna floodplains.

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