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Mission Buniyaad has played vital role in bridging the COVID induced learning gap among students, Sisodia

by IP Staff

One of the key initiatives being implemented in this direction is Mission Buniyaad across all Delhi Government Schools. It aims to bridge the learning gap and improve the reading, writing and basic mathematical abilities of children from Class III to IX.

NEW DELHI: To review the status of Mission Buniyaad, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia visited SKV District Centre Vikaspuri and Government Girls Senior Secondary School Tilak Nagar on Monday. Ever since the reopening of schools after the pandemic, the Kejriwal Government is working to bridge the COVID induced learning gap through various initiatives.

Sisodia said, “Last two years with COVID were tough for students and has widened the learning gap. We do not want a generation to move ahead with this learning gap. To ensure the same, our teachers are diligently working since the past two months with students on improving skills of reading, writing and basic mathematics in Mission Buniyaad classes.”

He added, “Our primary objective is to help children strengthen their foundational skills, instead of getting them burdened by syllabus. Along with this, after COVID we have also increased the coverage of Mission Buniyaad till Class IX to guide the students better. Currently, about 10 lakh students are part of this mission and attendance has always been recorded over 65% everyday.”

The Deputy Chief Minister said that the ongoing phase of Mission Buniyaad classes have played an important role in bridging the learning gap after the pandemic, and will continue till June 15. It will resume when the schools reopen in July.

During the visit, the Deputy Chief Minister also interacted with students and teachers to know the teaching-learning experiences related to Mission Buniyaad. Appreciating the efforts of teachers and parents, Shri Sisodia said, “Teachers at Delhi government schools have left no stone unturned to help students resume their studies in a better way. They primarily focused on improving the foundational skills of students rather than imposing the burden of syllabus on students.”

“Along with this they also convinced parents to send their children back to school and join Mission Buniyaad classes, so that students move ahead with strong skills of reading and writing. Parents have also responded positively to this and are sending their children to schools for Mission Buniyaad classes, instead of going on vacation to their native places,” added the Deputy Chief Minister.

Notably, Mission Buniyaad is being implemented in all the schools under Directorate of Education (DoE) daily. The SCERT has updated learning material and teacher manuals to be followed under this mission which includes a maths workbook, a book of stories to improve reading-listening-speaking and writing skills for students. Teachers were trained regularly by SCERT to implement this mission better.

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