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NDMC approved ­­­­­various citizen & employee centric proposals in its Council Meeting

by IP Staff


Satish Upadhyay, Vice Chairman – New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) has informed that in today’s Council Meeting NDMC has considered and approved the following Citizen and employee Centric proposals in the agenda items placed before it.

Upadhyay said that today is a big day for the resident of the New Delhi area, as Council has in principle approved the implementation the Centre’s flagship Ayushman Bharat Pradhanmantri Jan Arogya Yojna (AB-PMJY) scheme in NDMC area for its residents. Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi ji had rolled out the Ayushman Bharat-Pradhan Mantri Jan Aarogya Yojana (AB-PMJAY) in February 2018. The insurance scheme aims to provide an annual health cover of Rs 5 lakh per family for secondary and tertiary care hospitalization.  

While giving the brief detail of the proposal, Upadhyay said :-

  1. Mechanized Sweeping and Housekeeping of roads, parking area, Corridor, public plaza of Connaught Place in New Delhi.

Under the Swachh Bharat Mission, the regular maintenance, cleanliness and the sanitation of the public space like Parking Area, footpaths, parks and public plaza are the most important aspects to maintain the area and these are required to be carried out by engaging a dedicated house-keeping team. It requires the involvement of advanced machinery, workmanship, and other dedicated resources to achieve the desired standard of Cleaning and housekeeping.

Accordingly, Preliminary Estimate was approved by the Council at the cost of Rs.28,25,89,000/- based on the market rate including 3% contingencies and ESI and EPF.

Shri Upadhyay said that the objective of NDMC behind this initiative is to beautify the NDMC area and achieve 7 stars ranking in the upcoming Swachhta Survekshan 2022 and to celebrate 75 years of India’s independence as Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav.

He said in the first phase the council approved the mechanical sweeping at Hanuman Mandir and now approved mechanical sweeping for Connaught Place area.

  1. Regularization of 100% Wooden Loft within the premises of shops in Shanker Market (New Central Market), New Delhi-110001
  2. i) The proposal of 100% regularization of wooden loft in the shops/stalls of Shankar Mkt.(New Central Mkt.) was placed before the Council for its approval with the conditions as imposed earlier by the Council while approving 50% regularization of loft.
  3. ii) The Council in its meeting held on 30/03/2022 had resolved that no damage charges will be levied by the NDMC in case of violation of loft area in shops/stalls of Shankar Market even for the back dates.

Therefore, the Council approved that this will be made applicable retrospectively and no damage charges will be levied in case of any violation in the loft area in the past by any of the shopkeepers of the Shankar Market.

Shri Upadhyay said that for the last around 50 years, shopkeepers of Shanker Market were requesting for regularization of 100 % wooden loft and removal of penalties thereof. He said that in the instant case NDMC regularized the 50% lofts in the year 2018-19 and on today’s meeting, the Council has approved 100% regularization of wooden loft and thus sorted out this old pending issue once for all.  

  1. Grant of DTL pay scale to Social Education Department w.e.f. 01-04-1998 & to Aanchal School posts w.e.f. 16-07-2008.
  2. i) Council approved the DTL Pay scales in respect of Social Education Department posts with other left out category who have granted DTL replacement pay scale vide order dated 27.12.2017.
  3. ii) The benefit of DTL replacement pay scale granted vide order dated 27.12.2017 will be granted to the posts of Aanchal School w.e.f. 16.07.2008 i.e. the date from which Aanchal School posts became part of Social Education Department, NDMC.

iii) The benefit of DTL replacement pay scale will not be granted to the posts of Teaching & Vocational Staff under the Social Education Department.

Shri Upadhyay said that earlier DTL was given to these employees and it was also withdrawn. He said we should not discriminate with employees and if anything paid to them during that time, no deduction will be made from their salary.

Shri Upadhyay said that the Financial Advisor-NDMC informed the Council Meeting that a DTL report for remaining categories of NDMC employees has been prepared and it will be presented shortly.

  1. Council approved a demand to be raised to North MCD for repayment of the amount to NDMC, which has already been released on account of salary and allowances to North MCD Staff working with the Monitoring Committee appointed by Supreme Court and resolved as under.
  2. i)The Monitoring Committee and the GNCT Delhi may be communicated the decision of the Council that NDMC is unable to pay salary and allowances to non- NDMC employees posted in the Monitoring Committee as the NDMC Act,1994 does not provide for the same.
  3. ii)The Monitoring Committee and the GNCT Delhi may be communicated the decision of the Council that NDMC employees posted in the Monitoring Committee can be treated on higher and upgraded scale as in case of deputation, only after creation of the post in Monitoring Committee and selection of the NDMC employees against such a post following due procedure as per the RRs.

  4. Council has in principle approved the penalty mentioned under Section 390 of NDMC Act 1994 Amendment regarding the enhancement of penalty charges against violators of malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases
    breeding prevention and control activities. It will be time to time enhanced as per the deliberation before the council. 

  5. 6
    Revised Preliminary Estimate for “Replacement/Augmentation of various KV HT Cables in Maintenance of North & South Division area of NDMC”, amounting to Rs. 62,59,56,000/-(Net) for total 138 feeders having length of 111.32Km approved by the Council.  
  1. Extension of an existing contract of vendors for 02 months at the same rates, terms & conditions w.e.f. 01.04.2021 to provide assistance doctors/nurses/patients, nursing to orderlies/ multitasking workers required at Palika Maternity Hospital at Lodhi Colony. It was outsourced in the year 01.04.2018. The term of the contract expired on 31.03.2021. The council approved the total actual expenditure from 01.04.2021 to 31.05.2021 amounting to Rs. 24,36,730/-.

Upadhyay said that previously I visited Sri Venkateswara Swamy–Tirupati Balaji Temple” along with Chiarman-NDMC and found that there are many shopkeepers who are selling and serving non-veg food with the wall connecting to the temple which is not good. He said that such issues would not be tolerated and also warned the heads of departments to take immediate action on it. He said NDMC should be surveyed for nearby / adjoining/close distance proximity of all meat shops and should be relocating to another place.

Upadhyay informed that the G20 Summit will be held in New Delhi in Next year in Delhi and NDMC should gear up the projects to enhance the beauty of the New Delhi area. For the purpose, he suggested making a comprehensive detailed report consisting – maintenance, repairing, beautification like Commonwealth games projects.

He said it will be a prestigious moment for NDMC to showcase the beauty of the New Delhi area at the time of hosting the event and welcome the representatives in the New Delhi area. He said we should beautify Connaught Place, Teen Murti, 11 Murti areas which will be used by the representatives of G20 team who visit from the different countries.  He said that the matter has been resolved in principle.

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