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POSHAN Abhiyan 2022: T3 camps being conducted throughout the country

Government includes staple food fortification from Central Ministries for schemes/programs in multiple States as part of its comprehensive strategy to tackle anemia.

by IP Staff
POSHAN Abhiyan 2022

NEW DELHI: During the ongoing Poshan Maah 2022, for anemia prevention and treatment in children, adolescent girls pregnant and lactating mothers, various activities such as T3 camps (test, treat, talk), IFA distribution, seminars, Ayush for anemia, webinars, quiz and recipe competition, traditional food practices, awareness rallies are being conducted throughout the countr

Anemia is a condition in which the number of red blood cells (RBCs), and consequently their oxygen-carrying capacity, is insufficient to meet the body’s physiological requirements.

Dietary habits play a critical role in the development of iron deficiency and subsequent development of iron deficiency anemia. While iron deficiency anemia is the most common form and is relatively easy to treat through dietary changes. Food based approaches to increase iron intake through dietary modification/ fortification / diversification and provision of hygienic environment are important sustainable strategies for preventing Iron Deficient Anemia in the general population.

As part of its comprehensive strategy to tackle anemia, Government of India has included staple food fortification from Central Ministries for schemes/programs in multiple States.

As a part of Social and Behaviour Change Communication (SBCC) strategy under Jan Andolan, around 6,278 Anemia camps, 1,853 Outreach activities in urban slums, 855 Quiz competitions for students, and 1,63,436 activities were carried out on anemia during Poshan Pakhwada, 2022 in March.

It is worth mentioning, that Ministry of WCD in convergence with the Ministry of Ayush conducted a total of 12.77 lakh activities during Poshan Pakhwada, 2022 which included 5,03,411 activities on Anemia prevention, 7,18,149 activities on Ayush for anemia during pregnancy and 56,168 webinar based activities on role of Ayush to address anemia.

Besides, during Poshan Maah 2021, 27,55,905 activities on Ayush for anaemia during pregnancy and 63,013 anemia camp based activities were conducted.

POSHAN Abhiyaan is a programmatic approach in addressing the life cycle issues of malnutrition. Reduction of anemia is one of the important objectives of the POSHAN Abhiyaan in convergence with key Ministries/ Departments, mainly Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoH&FW). A range of efforts are underway to improve the integration of nutrition interventions into the existing health platforms through various strategic measures.

Under POSHAN Abhiyaan, efforts are also being made to strengthen processes for community engagement, empowerment of beneficiaries and behavioural change towards better nutrition for which the Abhiyaan provides a platform for organizing Community Based Events (CBEs) in Anganwadi Centres. Under Community Based Events, messages related to public health for improvement of nutrition and to reduce illness, prevention of anemia, importance of nutritious food, diet diversity etc. are being conducted. Many States/UTs have developed indigenous best practices like use of iron utensils for cooking to reduce iron deficiency, integrating Ayurveda products and formulations with supplementary nutrition etc.

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