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Shukrana Gratitude Foundation presents magic retreat

by IP Staff

Empowered everyone as a creative being, with a unique purpose to be unlocked in their lifetime.Aashmeen Munjaal explains how the practice of gratitude will nourish your body, mind, and soul empowering you with the tools and practices to attract your dreams and live a life full of Magic!

The journey begins with gratefulness for the 5 elements – via Dhyaan yoga, Gratitude meditation,
connective circles, energy and sound Raga healing, eco-immersion, and adventures through
Rishikesh and weaving together a deep exploration of consciousness, connection, and creativity
which help everyone sink deeply into your truth and rise into your own power.

Immersed in these divine and transformational surroundings, Participants moved and breathed into their presence, awaken the fire in their soul that co-creates with the universe, and release past
conditioning and beliefs that have held them back from their deepest- held dreams.


As stated by Aashmeen, ‘Nourishing meals, connective “play” and adventurous excursions
through this sacred land will rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul as you reconnect to our innermost truth, purpose, and authentic power.

You will emerge refreshed and clear, armed with the tools and practices to move forth in the world with a more profound sense of purpose and
creative empowerment.’

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