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BJP to stage protest outside CM residence against supply of contaminated water in Delhi: Adesh Gupta

Delhi BJP president has written to Lt Governor demanding inquiry into alleged violations in quality parameters of STPs.

by IP Staff

New Delhi: The state BJP president Adesh Gupta today alleged that contaminated and poisonous water is being supplied in Delhi which is causing various types of stomach and lungs related diseases to people. He said more than half the sewerage treatment plants installed in the capital are not operating according to prescribed standards due to which poisonous and dirty water is being supplied to Delhiites who are compelled to drink it.

He wrote a letter to Lt Governor in this regard demanding an inquiry into the whole matter so that jal board’s laxity could be exposed. He warned if the situation did not improve the party will stage a protest demonstration outside CM Arvind Kejriwal’s residence.

Addressing a joint news conference along with LOP  Ramvir Singh Bidhuri here today he said that it is not BJP which is alleging that these plants are not conforming to the prescribed standards but Delhi pollution control committee has said in its report as it keeps a watch on working of these STPs. He said this committee sends its report every month to Delhi jal board but Kejriwal government never took it seriously at any level due to which common man now is compelled to drink this filthy water even at the cost of his health.  The state media co head Shri Harihar Raghuvanshi was also present with them.

Referring to DPCC report Gupta said out 0f 26 STPs 16 are not adhering to quality prescribed standards. This has been revealed from samples analysis taken from these plants. He further said New Sheopur, Kondli plants are supplying the worst quality of water whereas most of the other plants were found not to be conforming with seven different yardsticks. The fact is these plants have totally failed to adhere to seven yardsticks like TSS, BOD, dissolved phosphate, chemical oxygen demand and ammonia nitrogen.

Gupta said the water from these plants conducted by jal board is released into river Yamuna or is used to regenerate water bodies. The poisonous substances in treated water is increasing pollution level in the river and this water is supplied from here. He said as per prescribed norms TSS and BOD level should be 10 mg/1  or less than that, COD should be 50 mg/1 or less, and ammonia nitrogen and phosphorous should be less than  5 mg/1 and 2 mg/1 respectively. Besides, DPCC also tests water’s PAH reading 96.5-9.00 as well as that of oil or grease in outlet reading. He said Kejriwal has never taken any concrete steps despite getting these reports regularly.

He said in Nilothi outlet reading was 10 mg/lt , 132 mg/lt in COD and 8.9 mg/lt and 7.2  in ammonia nitrogen and dissolved phosphate reading. In Najafgarh after treatment BOD level was 38 mg/lt and COD level was 108 mg/lt. In Kondli after treatment TSS reading was 82 mg/lt which is eight times more than prescribed norms.

In fact, both Gupta and Bidhuri said we will ourselves visit one of these plants to see the situation on ground level. Later we will state protest at CM’s residence so that state government should stop supplying bad quality water to Delhiites.

Bidhuri said the increasing pollution level of the river is also affecting the general atmosphere of the city and hence is increasing air pollution.  He charged Kejriwal government with not taking any concrete steps to control water and air pollution. The fact is Kejriwal government isn’t serious about Delhiites problems.

He further said the party wants to raise all these burning issues in the assembly but session is never convened for this. Till date monsoon session hasn’t yet been convened, he said adding even if it is convened the duration is kept so less that these issues cannot be discussed.

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