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Delhi CM misleading people on excise policy: BJP

by IP Staff
Delhi CM misleading people on excise policu: BJP

The state BJP president Adesh Gupta today charged Arvind Kejriwal with misleading Delhiites.  They said everyone was waiting for the state assembly session for quite some time now and thought he would reply on much talked about topic of corruption in excise policy for the past ten days being raised by BJP and people. But it is really shameful that yet again he has used the session for his own political ambitions, they said.

Addressing a joint press conference with his predecessor and MP Manoj Tiwari, Gupta described today’s daylong session as a propaganda session and charged that Kejriwal is so scared now that he has started calling assembly session without any reason. This is the fourth such session which was convened by Kejriwal just to shine his own politics. 

While describing AAP as a press conference party, he said people were listening to speech given by CM in the house with great hope that he might say something on increase of commission for liquor mafia to benefit them,  opening of liquor joints in residential areas , tenders to black listed companies and likewise but to no avail.

The party state president said after exposure about corruption in new excise policy Kejriwal is scared about losing Delhiites trust. Kejriwal, who never convened a session to discuss pressing issues of water, electricity, bad transport condition, increasing pollution or the Chhat festival, is only a propaganda chief minister.

He is trying to divert from main issue of corruption in excise policy by talking about everything else except that policy and Delhiites have now seen through this game, he charged. He said if corruption charge is false why Kejriwal is shying away from answering these questions. 

He talks about publicity in foreign media, health and education so that he doesn’t have to say a word on controversial policy. The fact is Kejriwal has looted hard earned money of tax payers in Delhi, he said and warned but he can’t run away from his accountability.

Tiwari said now effigies of Kejriwal and Sisodia are being burnt by youngsters, women, social organizations etc. in almost every part of the city. Hence he is talking about everything else just to divert attention from main issue because he is master in the art of diverting issues.

While talking of Swaraj, the fact is they have now started sharab raj. While taking a dig at Kejriwal for convening the session, he said all were hoping now in state assembly, ‘doodh ka doodh aur sharab ka sharab ho jayega’ but even the letter Sh of sharab was not uttered in the house.

The MP said the BJP has been talking about different figures to expose the scam as they all were committed under this excise policy.  While clarifying on these varying amounts, he said Rs. 144.36 crore was exempted as license fee while Rs 30 crore is also part of that fee which pertains to sale at airport. 

Besides the commission raised from 2 per cent to 12 per cent also includes amount which Kejriwal government has distributed to liquor mafia. Thus both Kejriwal and Sisodia have looted Delhi’s money which is most shameful, he charged. Tiwari described Kejriwal’s speech in assembly today as old script and added that it is ironical while Mahatma Gandhi always advocated against alcohol, Kejriwal and his MLAs went to his Samadhi for justifying corruption in liquor policy.

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