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Poland to demand WWII reparations from Germany

by IP Staff
Poland to demand WWII reparations from Germany

New Delhi: Poland’s main ruling party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski said on Thursday that it is Poland’s “obligation” to seek reparations from Germany for the Nazis’ World War II invasion and occupation of his country.

Kaczynski was speaking shortly ahead of the release a long-awaited report on the cost to the country of years of Nazi German occupation as it marks 83 years since the start of World War II.

The Poland government argues that the country has not been fully compensated by the Germany.

Top leaders including Kaczynski, who is Poland’s chief policy maker, and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki are to attend the ceremonial release of the report at the Royal Castle in Warsaw.

 “Remains a day of guilt and shame for the country that always reminds us time and again not to forget the crimes carried out by Germany,” the government’s official for German-Polish cooperation, Dietmar Nietan, said in a statement.

The occupation was the “darkest chapter in our history” and still affect bilateral relations, he said.

While, Germany argues compensation was paid to East Bloc countries in the years after the war calling the matter closed.

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