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BJP leaders terrified of crushing defeat in Rajinder Nagar bypolls: Sanjay Singh

by IP Staff


The BJP’s insecurities and its disregard for democratic procedures reached a new height when two senior leaders from the party refused to contest a crucial assembly by-election in Delhi. Speaking about the BJP’s deteriorating political stature in Delhi, AAP Senior Leader and Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh stated – A movie titled ‘Bhaag BJP Bhaag’ will be made on the BJP’s abysmal condition, as after fleeing MCD elections, BJP leaders now absconding Vidhan Sabha bypolls. BJP Delhi State President Adesh Gupta and Tajinder Singh Bagga have both run away from Rajinder Nagar bypolls with their tails between their legs.

“These actions of the BJP leaders clearly show how afraid they are of Arvind Kejriwal’s Government and facing AAP candidates in a free and fair election. The BJP is so terrified of the Kejriwal Model of Governance that first they ran from MCD elections, and now they are running from assembly bypolls,” he said.

AAP Senior Leader Sanjay Singh stated, “Given the dwindling political stature of the BJP in Delhi and its extremely poor performance in the state, I believe that a movie called ‘Bhaag BJP Bhaag’ will be made about the party. Ever since the by-polls were announced for the Rajinder Nagar constituency, the very leaders in the BJP, who are leading the ‘Pol Khol Abhiyaan’ against the Aam Aadmi Party Government throughout Delhi, have been exposed for the hypocrites they are.”

Presenting a news articles about two senior BJP leaders who have fled the scene since the Rajinder Nagar by-elections were announced, he said, “Everyone recognises these two faces very well – one is BJP Delhi State President Adesh Gupta, and the other is the infamous Tajinder Bagga, both of whom have refused to contest the bypolls from the Rajinder Nagar constituency.

“They clearly do not have the courage to face Arvind Kejriwal’s government or to contest against AAP’s competent and honest candidate. Hence both of them have absconded from the elections out of the fear of an embarrassing defeat. This disappearing act that Adesh Gupta and Bagga have pulled is evidence enough to show that their own ‘pol’ has been exposed,” he said.

Questioning the BJP Delhi leadership, Sanjay Singh added, “I’d like to ask Adesh Gupta – day after day, from morning till midnight, all you do is talk extraneously, and hurl out false and baseless allegations; now why are you running from a free and fair election? AAP senior leader and MCD In-charge Durgesh Pathak is ready for a democratic election in Rajinder Nagar, you must come forward and face him. On the one hand, we have the AAP MCD In-charge, and on the other, we have the BJP Delhi State President – we urge you to contest the elections, rather than avoiding them.”

He continued, “The BJP has grown so terribly afraid of Kejriwal’s progress and work oriented politics, his competent and honest government, that they first avoided the MCD elections, and are now running from bypolls in a Vidhan Sabha constituency. This trend of theirs to run away from democratic practices will result in a ‘Bhaag BJP Bhaag’ movie.

Both the leaders – Adesh Gupta and Tajinder Bagga actively participate in trash talk and hooliganism, but when it comes to contesting elections, they are quick to flee with their tail between their legs. Hence, I challenge Adesh Gupta to contest the by-elections from Rajendra Nagar, and to do more than spending all day throwing out false allegations.”

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